The Shoot Blog


For this job I traveled in to a location close to Canary Wharf in London. I had worked with Omar on a previous blog post at his office space, but this time we were at one of his clients apartments. It was really nice to get the chance to come in to a space which after Omar’s design, planning and work had been completed. The Discovery Docks in South Quay is a fantastic location, close to the Thames with a view of the o2 arena and surrounding famous Canary Wharf buildings. After seeing photographs of the before and after, there was a dramatic transformation! Omar had completely changed feel of the apartment, using all available space tactically with a great attention to smaller details. I was impressed! Everything from the lighting to the door handles all went together to give the apartment a luxury look. 

I had 5 sections to shoot; the hallway, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. Each shot was set up on a tripod making sure to get the best angles for each space. It was really helpful having Omar there for the shoot as it meant we could discuss each shot as we were taking it. Using live view on the camera we were able to see how each shot was going to look, giving us the option of changing the position of items that weren’t working within the image. I was shooting bracketed, 3 shots at different exposures. This was going to be vital when it came to editing in photoshop. Shooting bracketed gives me the option to choose to blend exposures and produces a final image with a lot more detail.

This was another really enjoyable shoot. Interior photography is something I have started to really enjoy and I am looking forward to getting shoot more projects with Omar.  I’ll be posting up another selection of Images from another shoot soon!