The Shoot Blog


On the 1st of March I attended the launch of the Range Rover Velar, the newest addition from Land Rover. The event took place at the design building in Kensington, London, which has stunning architecture. The location was great for the unveiling, with three floors all looking down towards the huge curtain obscuring the Velar.

An incredible light show began and the curtain became a screen showing images of previous range rovers and previews of the new model building the anticipation in the crowd. As the curtain lifted, the room was treated to the first view of the stunning Velar. 


Then it was time to get to work, photographing with a very quick turnaround as some of the images had to be posted to Instagram that night. I had to work quickly as everyone was trying to capture and upload the first images of the car. Shooting between people queuing up to have a look was often challenging! 


Once I had captured the images I managed to find a quiet place to sit down, have a glass of champagne and edit! The images had to be quickly selected, edited and approved by our contact at Land Rover before being posted on Instagram accounts.


It was a really enjoyable night and an exciting event to be able to attend! Photographs below: