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So after a failed attempt to get to Berlin (due to snow cancelling all flights in and out of the airport) we decided to try and make it to the second part of the trip we had planned to coach! Now I don’t know why I didn’t initially think sitting on a coach over night was a bad idea but wow, I won’t be rushing to do it again! With the snow affecting flights and trains it seemed like the best option to avoid further stress and cancellations, so at 11pm we made our way to the bus station and prepared ourselves for the long 7 hour journey.

When we eventually arrived in Edinburgh I was instantly impressed, walking out of the station to see the castle looming up on the hill, surrounded by medieval and gothic architecture filled me with anticipation. It's an incredibly picturesque and diverse city which has a bit of everything you could want for photography; next to the sea and surrounded by extinct volcanoes.

We walked through the busy Christmas market with our bags and out towards where we were staying down the cobbled roads (which are nice to look at but make a horrible noise when car tyres drive over them!).

We had a day exploring the city and walking up some of the smaller hills nearby. The sky was grey with really low cloud so we decided to hold out for some better weather before tackling 'Arthur's Seat', the main peak of an extinct volcano 251m above the city.


The next day the sky was clear and the sun was shining although still freezing cold we were glad we waited. On the way up the route had turned into thick sludge, I'm happy to say I didn’t fall over, although there were a couple of foot slips which could have lead to me being very muddy...and moody! The view at the top is absolutely stunning. We managed to time it well and got to there just in time to catch the sunset which cast a beautiful light over the city. If it wasn't for the strong wind making it so cold I could've stayed up there for hours but my fingers became useless it was a struggle to use the camera!


Despite missing our first few days in Germany, Scotland more than made up for it. We had a great time catching up with our friends who live there, enjoying the sights and getting festive drinking mulled wine at the markets. I highly recommend a visit to Edinburgh and will definitely be returning!