The Shoot Blog


While searching the internet for the perfect location to capture the sunrise down the east side of the English coast, I came

across Thorpe Bay, Essex Thorpe Bay had the feel of a great place to visit during the summer, but this morning it was cold. Very,

very cold! We arrived at 7:30, a little later than I usually arrive but we had a one and a half hour drive and getting out of bed before 5:30 was going to be a struggle! 


On arrival the sky looked like it had exploded, the colours were incredible spreading across the beach. The colours were also reflecting on the wet sand creating the perfect landscape scene. We started to walk along the beach towards the boats that had been stranded ashore. With the tide out, we were able to walk right out which enabled me to capture a few compositions. The walk to each spot wasn't easy, the sand had turned into sinking mud so it was a good job we took our wellies! You can see in the photograph above how deep the footprints were as I walked over to get my first shot. Every now and then the sticky, sinking sand would surprise you with an invisible deep hole which would go up to your knees, not very fun with an expensive camera in your hand! 


I would usually go crazy and try and capture as many images as possible. This morning I decided to take my time and only shoot a few images. With the sun coming up and the colours starting to fade into the daylight I still had to work faster than anticipated. The photographs I captured look great and I really enjoyed the shoot. The icy morning didn't help the awful cold I've had over the last few weeks but at least it was worth it! You can see two of the morning's images below: