The Shoot Blog


It's 5am, my alarm starts ringing and it sounds like the loudest thing I've ever heard. I open my eyes, turn off the annoying tone and realise that it's going to be harder to get up than I first realised. All of a sudden that cycle repeats, I'll admit it, I pressed snooze...twice! This time though, I jump out of bed, throw on some clothes, attempt to sort out my hair, grab my camera bag and tripod whilst heading towards the door.

Because I pressed the snooze button twice, catching the 5:50 train was now going to be very tight. I pull up, run to the ticket machine for the car park and I'm straight through to the platform. Thank you contactless payment! I'm greeted by the first bunch of commuters at Chalfont station, we're at the start of the Metropolitan line, which means we get the empty train. Unfortunately it doesn't stay that way, we are soon squashed into the carriage, surrounded by commuters falling asleep, looking like they all wanted to hit the snooze button for the rest of the morning!


I arrive in the city at London Bridge station, today's shoot location. The last time I was here the weather wasn't great, it was dull, foggy and I couldn't even see half of the Shard. This morning was different, walking round the corner towards the bridge I see 3 photographers already stood in position which meant it was going to be a good one and that I was late! I got in position and set up just in time and the sunrise was perfect. The colours were great, the weather was amazing and the view of the sunrise from the bridge was so worth the early wake up!


I shoot a few images on the bridge, using the 17-40mm and the 70-300mm to get a good variety. Once the sun has risen to a point I decide to pick up the tripod, camera still attached, and head down next to the river. I had a shot of The Shard in mind and I managed to capture it

better than I had planned, not to blow my own trumpet as they say. After I'm happy with all my images it's breakfast time and more importantly, time for coffee number two! With a shoot at the Savoy Hotel starting at 11, I decided to take a nice walk down the River Thames down towards Southbank which was the perfect end to a great morning shoot!