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The Icelandic Roads

We took a 3 hour drive from our hotel in Reykjavik towards the Black Sand Beach. The views for most of the 3 hours looked like this! We could have stopped after every mile to capture another incredible view but with only a 6 hour light window, we had a set plan to stick to!

The Hyundai i20

This was actually surprisingly spacious for such a small car! Also was insanely effecient with fuel, not running out of petrol from the initial airport pick up through to the drop off. I don't know how this car survived the wind storm we found ourselves in though, with everybody in huge jeeps, we felt a little small!

The Black Sand Beach

When we arrived at the Black Sand Beach we'd been sat down in the car for 3 hours and were not prepared for the wind, rain and snow we were about to face! A massive shock to the system with the weather being so much colder down by the sea! With freezing cold hands and faces, we got the content we needed...somehow!

Feeling Pretty Small!

The cliff face along the beach was huge. The vast volcanic landscape was jaw dropping!

The Waves!

It probably didn't help being caught in the middle of a windstorm, but these waves were some of the most violent I have ever seen! We were warned to watch out for the waves prior to coming here, luckily! You have to be so careful not to get to close to the sea, with waves coming in and out with no real pattern it's so easy to just get swept under and pulled in to the sea! We actually watched it happen to a group of tourists who luckily, apart from getting soaked in freezing temperatures, managed to escape being pulled back!


More of those views as we made our way back along the road to our first waterfall!

The Shot...Almost!

You'll see a couple of these shots in this collection of images. I had an idea for a shot I wanted from the trip and although this one wasn't quite it, this is still a favourite image of mine!

Volcanic Rivers

Stopped at this location along the road back. The rivers you can see behind me have come all the way down from the moutains far off in to the distance! A pretty incredible driving break!


One of the many incredible waterfalls Iceland has, I can't even explain how incredible this waterfall was! With water crashing down and the end of a mini snow storm, I couldn't resist this cheesy photographer shot!

The Skogafoss Shot!

Another shot of the incredible Skogafoss waterfall, we did get super close up to it after this shot but it just looked so much more impressive from further away.

Photographer Problems

The amount of constant wiping of the lens was something I hadn't even considered before shooting here. The mist from the water crashing down goes absolutely everywhere. This made for super challenging shooting conditions, mix that back in with not being able to feel your hands and it was a huge struggle!

The Blue Lagoon

Wouldn't have been an Iceland trip without a trip to this place. Even more incredible than I thought it would be, even got a facemask and a beer...bonus!

The Long Road

Found this road just off the main road we travelled down and instantly knew it was the location for THE shot I wanted...see the next image.

The Shot

This was the shot! I had invisioned a shot of me walking down a road with huge mountains behind me for the background. The idea was for a New Years Eve instagram post and we nailed it!

The Steps To Seljalandsfoss

This place was quieter than the previous waterfall, late on in the day with the sun on its way down and temperatures dropping along with it! We didn't spend much time here but it was awesome to quickly visit it before heading home!


The final shot of the trip!

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