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I'm Reece Chapman, a creative photographer based just outside of London. I've been creating content for bloggers and influencers for the past 5 years and it's safe to say my hands seem to be glued to social media. I really enjoy working in this industry and although I never envisioned myself shooting this style of work, I couldn't have ended up in a better business! Being involved in this industry that just seems to continue to get bigger every year has given me so many opportunities that I'm grateful for, from shooting at some fantastic events, meeting some amazing people and travelling to some incredible locations. 

I have a huge amount of experience in a range of photography styles. Over the years I have gone from shooting in studios to locations shoots, creating images for an Instagram post to creating a brochures full of images for companies. This gives me a huge advantage with as it enables me to be in complete control of creating any type of photography content. 



Working with a photographer to create content for you can have some huge advantages. You are working with somebody who has experience in creating professional images, can follow strict deadlines for projects and understands how important social media is to you. Hiring me can give you the opportunity to create without having to spend time editing which can take stress away from your workload while being confident that I will get the work completed, on time, to your exact brief!

When I'm not shooting for clients I spend a lot of time photographing landscapes; this is where being so close to London but also the countryside is beneficial! I love the city and spend a lot of time there finding new locations and different views of the architecture and skyline. Having flexible working hours means I'm lucky enough to travel and I'll often go on spontaneous journeys to new places, waking up at 3am to shoot a sunrise or walking for miles down the beautiful english coastline. Wherever I am I always have my camera close by!


I am keen to work on new projects, I like being involved and inspired by an idea. I feel my work ethic and passion for photography puts me in a league above other photographers. I aim to exceed the expectations of my clients, finishing work before deadlines to the highest standard.

If you want to work with me, discuss a project or have any enquiries please get in touch by
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